Our location

Kalambaka, this unique spot attracts equally Greeks and foreigners who wish to experience the owe inspired by the ancient monasteries on the rock tops and the endless possibilities offered by the surrounding area. The crossroads of Greek and Orthodox cultures through the centuries.

In the centre of Greece, the unique combination of geological phenomena with the incomparable natural attraction of the area and the mystery of Christianity enables the visitor to experience compound and original holidays.


– Hill walking on the mountain paths.
– Gliding over Meteora and Koziakas.
– Skiing at the Pertouli Resort.
– Mountain bike.
– Rock climbing on Meteora.
– Horse riding in the meadows of Pertouli, Kalabaka, Neraidohori.
– Swimming in the Acheloos river.
– Kayak-Rafting on the Acheloos and the Veneticos.
– Canyonig.
– Archery in the Pertouli meadows.
– Mountain climbing.
– Cultural attractions (Ancient and modern monuments – festivals).
– Ecotourism (Wildlife in Valia Calda).